Netflix Release Trailer for New Eight-Part Drama Series About Life of Carlos Tevez

​In one of the most bizarre new stories you’ll see not only today, but probably this year, Netflix have revealed a new eight-part drama series that tells the story of former Manchester United and Manchester City striker, Carlos Tevez. 

The series, titled ‘APACHE – La vida de Carlos Tevez‘ which translates as simply ‘The life of Carlos Tevez’, will feature eight episodes, each of 60 minutes length and will feature a fictionalised telling of the life of the Argentine forward up to now.

Football documentaries have proved a big hit around the world and are becoming all the more common on streaming services. 

From the infamous (for Sunderland fans) ‘Sunderland Til I Die’ to the ‘All Or Nothing’ series following ​Manchester City in their historic centurion season, fly-on-the-wall docs are proving to be binge-worthy viewing, not only for fans of the respective clubs but for football fans in general. 

So what makes the Tevez series so different? Well, it’s not a documentary series, it’s a drama played wholly by actors, something that is entirely new to this kind of programming. 


The 35-year-old spoke in an interview with Clarin to discuss what viewers can expect from this upcoming Netflix original. 

When we got together with the production people, we said we were going to tell my story as it was” he said. “Nothing is going to be missing. From the day I got the scar, until when I debuted in Boca.”

Although not physically acting in the series, Tevez will be present on screen, giving an introduction before each of the episodes which is sure to be a pretty mad experience.

[embedded content]

The trailer makes the series look like an 18-rated GOAL! and if that’s not enough to get football fans excited then frankly you’re in the wrong sport. 

‘APACHE – La vida de Carlos Tevez’ is scheduled for streaming release later this year. 


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