Mauricio Pochettino Demanding Massive Pay Rise to Replace Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus

​Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is asking Juventus to ensure that he is very well compensated if he abandons ship at White Hart Lane this summer, demanding around €17m a year in wages from the Italian giants. 

Pochettino, who has guided Tottenham to their first Champions League final, has made it clear that he wishes to know whether the north London club will match his ambition and continue to challenge for domestic and European titles. 

Mauricio Pochettino,Hugo Lloris

Italian newspaper ​Corriere dello Sport report that Juventus are keen to replace Massimiliano Allegri with the Tottenham boss this summer, and that the two parties have already made contact.

The report claims that the Argentinian manager has demanded around £17m a year, three times as much as Allegri, and that Juve chairman Andrea Agnelli will take his time over making a decision. As for Allegri, multiple reports have stated that he is to leave Juventus after five years in charge. 

​Pochettino publicly warned Spurs on Friday that he could leave if the club fails to match his ambitions for the future.  


The 47-year-old said: “The problem is, I need to know what we need to achieve or what we are going to fight for. That is the most important. I am not open to start a new chapter with no plan, with no clear idea, with not being transparent, telling you and telling our fans what’s next, what is our objective.

“If we expect every season to be in the final of the Champions League, we need to create a plan, and the plan may be different to what has happened in the last five years.”

​Tottenham have failed to make a signing in the last two transfer windows, and Pochettino has indicated that the club’s transfer policy will have to change should they want to continue to compete at the top level, with him at the helm.


He continued: “If we believe we can operate in the same way we have in the last five years and that we are going to be every season in the final of the Champions League, and we are going to be every season in the top four and competing against ​Liverpool or ​Manchester City or ​Manchester United, I think we are very naive.

“In five years we have achieved a lot of things, but now it’s what’s next, that is my point.”


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