Maurizio Sarri: Twitter Reacts as Chelsea Manager Officially Leaves for Juventus

​Well then. 

On what had previously been something of a slow news day, Chelsea have gone and sent social media into chaos by officially announcing that Maurizio Sarri has left for Juventus. 

It’s not hugely surprising to be quite honest – reports have been rife for weeks that the move would happen sooner rather than later –  but some fans were caught off-guard nonetheless. 

The general sentiment was one of gratitude towards the Italian, who was often treated harshly by fans and media alike, despite an ultimately strong season as Chelsea manager, with most fans less than happy to see him go. 

Predictably, though, it was something of a polarising issue. There were certainly one or two less than sympathetic responses doing the rounds, from Chelsea supporters and otherwise.

Who’s next for the Blues? It was rumoured last week that the club would not sign off on Sarri’s departure until a replacement was lined up, with ​Frank Lampard the overwhelming favourite after a (sort of) successful first season at Derby…​​



​​As exciting as it would be to have a ​Chelsea legend at the helm, however, some are getting a bit ahead of themselves…



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